When it comes to shopping centers, retail stores and restaurants, image really is everything. How you create “atmosphere” both inside and outside your venue can make the difference between success and failure.

Effective signage demands attention. It stops you dead in your tracks and insists “Come look at what’s inside.” It separates you from your competition. It can also communicate promotions, products and pricing information. But most importantly, it drives traffic into your store, restaurant or bar.

For retail center owners, the shopping center’s signage plays a large role in attracting future tenants. Retail tenants want to lease in shopping centers that enhance their reputation, attract consumers in their target market, and drive traffic to their stores. A shopping center’s signage must appropriately reflect both the marketing and architectural identity of the center and the community in which it resides.

We take the time to understand your venue’s brand and style, and then we design a signage program that reinforces your image inside and out. National Signs offers a comprehensive solution that addresses all of your signage needs — from monument signs and marquees to LED message centers.

National Signs is an expert at using LED signs, custom-built architectural elements, channel letters, monument signs, and interior and exterior neon signs in Houston to bring just the right amount of “wow” to your shopping center, store or restaurant.