Our Leadership Message

"We as Leaders aim to motivate our people to increase personal growth, which will result in increased profitability.
By improving Efficiency, Communication and Accountability our Team will naturally evolve to higher levels.
As Leaders, we encourage input, ideas and feedback to help drive positive change."



Cody Johnson, Chief Executive Officer

Cody brings more than twenty years of Chief Executive experience and degrees in both Psychology and Law which have enabled him to achieve remarkable success in a variety of manufacturing and service industries, domestically and abroad.  

His dynamic approach to building (or rebuilding) small and mid-sized businesses is proven to produce rapid, long-lasting results in growth-oriented companies seeking to systematically and permanently improve.

That approach is driven by Cody’s ability to mitigate risk, focus employees on strategic goals and align with trusted industry partners to identify opportunities and capitalize on otherwise challenging economic conditions to improve business valuation. 

Cody’s core values are transparency, rigor and resilience, which may be best demonstrated by his graduating cum laude from law school while running a $10 Million revenue company!

He has lived and worked in India and Malaysia and conducted business in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.




Julius Lyons, Vice President of Operations

Julius describes himself as “a Middle Market Operations Executive with 14 years’ experience delivering P&L results through systematic execution of cultural excellence, safety, 5S and Lean, multi-site operations, inventory and production planning, WIP reduction, and on time delivery.”

Julius’ broad range of transformational leadership experience includes the successful implementation of ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949 Quality Management and various LEAN disciplines, each time achieving dramatic business results for these organizations.

His skills were developed and refined throughout a long career characterized by consistent excellence and constant improvement of the team around him. Julius primary approach is to work with his people to deliver continuous improvement projects from the shop floor to the Executive Suite.  Having managed dozens of direct-reports at all levels, this method enabled those employees to perpetuate that success beyond the initial goals and create an environment of constant learning. 

His meticulous methods of utilizing a strong framework for monitoring and guiding the work under his direction, combined with a stronger sense of service to his Customers and his Team have allowed him to contribute extraordinary value to his organization.