Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your LED Sign Controller Board

POSTED ON July 3, 2018

It’s the scenario no business wants to deal with: you invest in a quality LED sign controller board, devote time and effort to devising the perfect sign design, and get excited about the end result. Then nothing happens. Or worse, you find that you’re actually losing business. A quality sign can make a huge difference in your operations, drawing in new customers and raising your profile in the industry. The wrong sign can actually be harmful, and could even alienate potential business. Don’t make these mistakes with your LED sign controller board.

A Sign That Doesn’t Work

Here’s a really easy way to inadvertently tell customers you’re sloppy and inconsistent: put up a sign that doesn’t work, and leave it that way. Broken bulbs, flashing lights, misspellings, outdated information, buzzing, and other sign issues may be worse than having no sign at all. Sign errors call your credibility into question, and undermine your professional image. Don’t put up a sign that doesn’t work. Work with a sign company that offers quality products, routine maintenance, and rapid repair.

Sending the Wrong Message

All businesses feel pressure to be witty and original. Sometimes this strategy can backfire. A pun might have an unintended meaning. A joke might not be funny to everyone. The wrong image positioned in the wrong way can convey a discriminatory or cruel message. So run your sign design past several people. If anyone waves and red flags, tweak the sign until it’s a better fit for your intended audience.

Poor Design

The right sign design accomplishes a few simple goals:
  • It matches its surroundings, without fading into the background.
  • It captures the consumer’s attention, without annoying them.
  • It quickly conveys what your business offers, and what sets it apart.
  • It tells customers how to find you or get more information.
You have a second or less to attract a customer’s attention. Use high-contrast imagery that draws in the eye, and that seamlessly tells the story of your business. Avoid unnecessary wordiness and cluttered signage. Simple, sleek, and professional is always a winning strategy.

Low Visibility

It doesn’t matter how beautiful or well-designed your sign is. If customers can’t see it or can’t read it, it might as well not exist. There are a couple of common visibility issues:
  • Sign colors that fade into the background, or that act like camouflage. A green sign is never going to stand out in a tree canopy.
  • Signs that aren’t bright enough to be visible from a distance, or that make bad use of lighting.
  • Signs that are too tall or too short to be visible to the average customer. If most customers see your sign from 10 feet away, a 100-foot tall sign may not be appropriately visible.
  • A design that is too small, lettering that is too fancy to be legible, or a phone number that requires a customer to squint to view.
  • Too much distraction, too many flashing lights, and too many design elements obscuring the central message.
Look at your sign from multiple angles. Ask yourself if a customer can view and then synthesize the information your sign conveys in a second or less. If the answer is no, then it’s back to the drawing board.

A Tacky Appearance

Everyone wants a sign that stands out. Don’t design a sign that stands out for all the wrong reasons. Amid a lush tree canopy, a bright flashing day-glo sign looks out of place, and may even irritate neighbors. Unless tacky is a specific marketing decision that you know will work, stick with tried and true sign marketing principles. The right sign manufacturer can help. National Signs would love to help you design a sign that attracts attention and gets results. Check out our work in our gallery. Then give us a call or send us an email today!

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